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Types of People You Should Have in Your Circle

Having the right kind of people in your network circle is highly important. You don’t want to just accept anybody because not everyone will bring value to your life. However, these kinds of people are the kinds who will help you elevate yourself and bring out the best version in you. These people aren’t necessarily your friends, but they should be the people you can call and turn into at any time. Here are the types of people you should have in your circle if you want to grow as a person.

1. The Competent Leader

The first person you want to have in your circle is the competent leader. Of course, you can also be the competent leader in your circle, but every circle needs one.

Why do we put the word competent in there? Because not all leaders deserve their position. We see this everywhere, in the politics, business and friendship.

The note here is to have someone with enough wisdom, courage and ability to become the leader. This person is the one who keep the circle together and make sure everything is okay.

2. The Advisor

The next person you want to have in your circle is the advisor. This person must be a good listener with enough wisdom to give objective advice.

They are your therapist, your counselor, fiduciary and the person who you can respect enough to give you the best solicited advice whenever you need one.

Because there will be times when you need a second opinion from someone who is trustworthy and have your best interest at heart.

3. The Optimist

These people are always optimistic and not in an annoying way. They are able to see the good in nearly everything. They have a good heart and wish for the best in people.

The optimist are the ones who will lift your spirit up when you feel like giving up. They are the cheerleader of the group. This positive trait of theirs will help you to see the world in a positive light as well.

4. The Devil Advocate

The devil advocate is someone who is competent and logical. You want these kinds of people as your lawyer or defender. They are good with words and manipulating the environment.

If they have your best interest at heart, it doesn’t matter if you are wrong or right, they will help you solve your social and legal problems. The key is to ensure that they are on your side and you’ve made yourself a potent ally.

5. The Street Smart

While having an academic in your circle is great, you also want to have someone who is street smart in your circle. These people have seen the dark side of people and society.

They know how it works in the street and have the ability to deal with common / stereotypical dangerous people. You never know what life might bring to you, so it’s always best to befriend the street smart person just in case.

Some street smart people aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and they can be quite useful to have around.

6. The Connector

These people are the kind of people who knows everyone for something.

You need to someone to renovate your home? They know someone. You need your computer fixed? They know someone. You need an attorney? They can get you one.

They will connect you to other people you need at the moment. Introducing you to people you couldn’t get access to otherwise.

The connector is an essential person to have in your circle. You want to make sure you keep a good connection with the connector.

7. The Devoted Partner

The devoted partner is your number one support system. They are always loyal to you no matter what and you know you can always trust them. They are devoted and love you with all their heart. The devoted partner is the person who have your best interest at heart and will kill and move mountains for you.

8. The Creative

Having a person who always come up with the best creative idea can be quite helpful. Especially if you are playing within the creative industry.

These kind of people always come out with some interesting, out of the box ideas and they often have the ability to turn these creative ideas into reality as well. They will help you to be more creative yourself and bring more fun / color into your life.


Those were the kind of people you want to have in your circle. Make sure that you also contribute and bring value to your circle so you too can be an important network asset to other people. The better your circle is, the more you advance in life.






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