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How to Enhance Your Sensuality

A lot of women these days have strayed away from the path of sensuality into vulgar sexuality. This is dangerous because vulgar sexuality will draw low vibrational people, especially men with bad intentions into your life. It’s not something that you want. You want to be the embodiment of the divine feminine, a goddess of love, beauty and divine sexuality. Truth is, if you want to be respected while desired by men at the same time, you need to increase your sensuality, not your sexuality. The question is, how to enhance your sensuality?

You may be wondering, what’s the difference?

Vulgar sexuality or being overly sexual is a result of the wounded feminine who is longing for affection, but does it in a disrespectful manner to herself. Common traits are dressing like a stripper, frequent casual sex with strangers and getting into relationship with the wrong kind of men.

While sensuality is the product of healthy dark femininity. It’s exciting yet elegant at the same time. It attracts the right kind of men and having high level of sensuality make a woman incredibly sexy yet classy at the same time.

A prime example of a woman who has a high level of sensuality is Monica Bellucci. She is classy and elegant yet extremely sensual at the same time. When you see her you can’t help but admire her.

Okay, Now, here are a few ways you can enhance your sensuality as well;

1. Be Mysterious

A mysterious woman always intrigues people because they seem to be filled with so much secrets. People are naturally drawn toward secretive things and it makes others want to find out more about you.

Never share everything about yourself with someone upon meeting them. Allow people to slowly learn more about you and even then, always have some things to keep for yourself.

2. Dress Sensually

To act the part, you need to look the part. Dressing sensually is different from dressing sexually. A lot of women think that the more skin they reveal, the more desirable they become. It’s true, if you want to attract creeps and low value men. Instead, you want to dress sensually.

The key here is balance. If you decide to show your cleavage, make sure that you cover your thigh. When you wear a mini skirt, cover your cleavage. If you wear a backless dress, make sure it covers your thigh or has long sleeve.

If you are looking for clues on how to dress sensually, Italian women does it really well. We will once again take Monica Bellucci as an example. If you’ve seen her role in the movie Malena, you will notice how sensual she’s dressed without being vulgar. You can use it as a starting guide.

3. Learn Dancing

Dancing is a great way to get in tune with your femininity and sensuality. Some of the dances you can do is tango, salsa, pole dancing and belly dancing.

Each of these dance are incredibly sensual, from the outfit you wear to the movement. Not only will you be able to get in tune with your body from all the movement, it will make you healthier as well. Consider it a fun form of exercising.

4. Explore Yourself

We are all adults here so there is no shame in this. Usually we would talk about self-exploration in the context of personal development. This time, it’s a little different. You want to explore yourself sexually, but responsibly. Do not go around sleeping with random men you don’t know. Don’t bring that negative energy into your life.

Instead, you can try self-pleasuring and use different kinds of toys to relieve yourself and see what you like. Use warming oil, tease yourself, give yourself some gentle massage around the thigh and breast area. Make it as sensual as possible and take your time.

This will help heighten your sensuality as you become more aware of yourself. It will also prevent you from getting sexually frustrated and sleeping with men you don’t even like just for a relieve.

Don’t be afraid to appreciate your yoni as well by using a mirror as you are playing. Look at it and appreciate it.

5. Seductive Voice

If you are born with a naturally sultry, seductive voice, it’s easy for you. For the rest, you may need to practice your voice to make it more sensual and seductive.

There are generally two types of a seductive voice. The sweet, higher pitched voice that sounds youthful. Or the lower, sultry almost husky voice that’s very mature and sensual.

Both can work. You just need to pace your intonation, volume and combine the voice with your facial expression. Learn to speak a touch slower and make sure each words you speak comes out clear and confident. Add a touch of playfulness when it’s necessary.

6. Seductive Gaze

The eyes is the window to the soul. You can easily tell how someone is feeling just by looking at their eyes. Now, you can seduce people and increase your sensuality by playing your gaze and make it more seductive. You can practice in front of the mirror and think of the things that turns you on in a romantic way.

You will find that your gaze begins to become more flirtatious, as if they are in love.

Now, you want to be able to turn it on and off according to your own wish. Continue practicing it until it becomes as easy as breathing for you.

7. Heighten Your Senses

The pleasure of life is derived from the senses, whether it’s visual, smell, audio or touch. Now, you want to practice heightening your senses by doing the things that bring you joy.

Such as listening to music, looking at visually pleasing images or scenes, smelling fragrance and candles and touching different soft materials such as silk or giving yourself a massage.


Those were some ways you are able to enhance your sensuality. Don’t be afraid to be sensual as women. Sensuality is power. Make sure you learn how to cultivate it properly and use it appropriately.

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