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Lessons We Learnt in 2022

Can you believe it’s almost 2023? Time is flying by so fast and we are about to close the year. Before we open the champagne and celebrate the new year. Here are a few lessons we learnt in 2022.

1. Quality Things Take Time

One of the biggest lessons we learnt in 2022 is quality things take time. We live in a fast paced world where new things are out almost every day and content creation has become like fast fashion.

However, this could easily lead to problems such as health issues, physical and mental burn out as well as creative block. We’re humans, not machines. We need to rest and recharge. It might seem counter-productive, but it would actually make you more productive in the long term.

It’s okay to take your time while creating things and content as long as the quality of the finished product could compensate for the time spent. It’s better than creating mediocre or low quality content daily.

2. Sometimes Growth Might Look Like Silence

We live in a world where everyone’s posting everything about their entire life, family, love life, career, etc. However, sometimes you have to remain quiet to have some focus and energy to do what you actually need to do in order to create some change and advance in your life.

Yes, as humans we want to connect with others and share our experiences and accomplishments. It’s not a bad thing. Still, the downside to this is the external noises you would receive from people who don’t want to see you succeed. It might get you discouraged or question your own growth.

When you keep things for yourself and grind in silence, no one could tell you what to do. You can do what you know you need to do to get where you want to be in peace.

3. Comfort Zone is a Double Edged Sword

When you came from a place of struggle, you were desperate to get out of that rut or limbo. You were motivated and driven. You were most likely to do whatever it takes to find a place of peace and comfort. Finally, you got out of that rut and create a decent life for yourself.

Then what? You stopped asking for more, grinding as hard, learning as much, developing your skills and talents. You stopped seeking for challenges that will help you grow and elevate even further.

This is highly dangerous. As humans, we need to constantly grow and evolve, otherwise, we’re just dying. Comfort is a double edged sword. It’s a trap meant to keep you stuck exactly where you are.

Yes, we need to be grateful for what we have and not consumed by greed. However, we should never stop learning and growing. Take on challenges because these things are what keep us motivated and elevate us to a higher version of ourselves.

4. You Don’t Have to Keep in Contact with Your Friends Everyday

When you were young, friendship could seem like keeping in contact with your friends every day.

However, as adults, you have more responsibilities and activities you need to do. You might not be able to keep in contact with all of your friends every day and it’s okay. It doesn’t mean you stop being friends.

Actually, you know you really connect with someone as friends when you haven’t met or remain in contact for some time and could chat like friends when you end up meeting again.

Don’t feel bad for it. If they are upset at you for not talking to them every day, it’s not on you, it’s them.

5. Nothing is Ever Wasted When You Put Effort

Sometimes, we do something and it fails. It’s easy to think that we have just wasted time, money and resources on it. However, nothing in life is ever truly wasted when you have put effort in it.

Failure is a lesson. You could take notes of what you did wrong this time and make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake in the future. You also never know if the failed projects or experience you’ve gained could be repurposed in the future in some ways.

6. You Would Receive When You’re Ready

Sometimes you may want something and you’ve prayed and worked for it. Yet what you want doesn’t come to you.

There are different reasons for this.

The first reason is it’s not meant for you and you could actually receive something better or more suitable for you.

The second reason is because you’re not ready for it. Sometimes, we want things to happen to us fast. However, we may not realize that with our current circumstances, we are still not ready for it. Physically, mentally, or spiritually.

An example, you want to be rich. You ask for money, hoping you would win the lottery. However, if you do not have the right mindset and skillsets for it, even if you receive the money, you would lose it again pretty soon because you don’t know how to properly manage and grow it.

This is the reason why most people who win the lottery end up becoming broke again within a year or two.

Same with people. You want to marry a loyal, intelligent, caring, romantic and wealthy provider man. But you are doing nothing to elevate yourself. You don’t take care of your appearance, you’re not learning everything, you have zero conversation skill, you sleep around with men, you don’t value or respect yourself.

You have nothing going on in your life, you’re not working on your trauma ­and have a very negative perspective in life. Do you think the man you want would want you if you’re like that?

You have to prepare yourself to receive what you want. Don’t just lay around hoping it will come to you.


Those are some lessons we learnt in 2022. What have you learnt this year? Leave them in the comments below!

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