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Makeup Items You Don’t Actually Need

We are living in a world where the beauty industry is dominating and there are constantly new makeup and skincare releases almost everyday. Sometimes, it can get really overwhelming. If you’re reading this, you’re probably into makeup like us, you may feel a need to keep up with the new makeup releases. However, it’s simply unrealistic. We are here to break down some makeup items you don’t actually need.

1. Bundles & Kits

Buying bundles and kit might appear like money saver when buying makeup,  but in reality, it is just another marketing strategy companies use to make you buy more. Think of it this way, you want to purchase one shade which attracts you the most in a selection, let’s say the price is 18$, then the company releases a lipstick kit which consist of three lipstick, one with the shade you want, and two other shade that you are not really interested in, but it’s 45$ for the bundle and you get three lipsticks. You may think you are getting a steal, right?


Instead of saving 9$, truth is you spend additional 27$ for lipstick shades which you will probably never use because you are not interested in them in the first place. SO, unless you actually want every single product in the bundle or kit, stay away from them and just buy the products that you want and need.

2. Beauty Subscriptions

Creating a beauty subscription is a clever sales strategy some companies use. You are getting more products with higher value than what you’re paying for in retail. However, in reality, it is a service you certainly do not need for several reasons.

First of all, you never know what you are going to get, and for some it might sound exciting, but in reality it can be a waste of money, especially if you end up not loving some of the products that come in the box.

It has the same value concept as the previous one, where you think you are actually saving and getting a steal but you are actually wasting your money, so unless you have some extra cash to burn, it is not the wisest way to get into beauty.

3. Face & Lip Palettes

We love looking at face and lip palettes because we think we are getting so much product in one item, but unlike eyeshadow palette, the chance of you being able to use every single shade in the palette is really low. Especially if the palette has so many different shades for different skin tone, like highlighters for both fair and deep skin in one palette. Unless you are a working makeup artist or makeup professional who work on clients, having face and lip palette in your collection is unnecessary.

4. Gimmicky Products

Remember when rainbow and unicorn highlighter was all the hype? Or those clear lipsticks that have flower in them, what about one of those mood balm? We believe we do not have to explain further why you do not need them. They are just another gimmick product created to bring in extra cash to the company without even doing anything to make you look better than when you purchase other products. They’re fun to play around with but the chance of you actually using them is probably close to zero. You definitely do not need any of these in your life.

5. Weird Beauty Tools

We’re still on the topic of weird products, but this time we are talking about weird beauty tools. Remember when silisponge was a thing? What about those brow and lip stamp you see advertised everywhere a few years ago? They are barely talked about these days and it’s probably for a good reason. These trendy and weird beauty tools are just plain unnecessary, you do not need them, in most cases, they do more damage than good. Save your money instead of buying any of these.


There are plenty of makeup products you don’t need. The most important thing you should consider is actually using the products you already have and love, making sure you get a return on your money. We have an article on how to stop buying so much makeup you can check after this one.

Trying out new makeup you really want is okay, of course. However, you should always be mindful of the ones you don’t actually need. Differentiate the hype from your genuine desire and you’ll find yourself saving a lot more.


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