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Easy Ways to Look More Expensive

Dressing expensive may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly is ours. As we have stated many times, your appearance does matter, and dressing expensive is not necessarily about wearing the latest designer outfit trend or drowning yourself in designer labels, because let’s be real, even some designer outfits can look extra tacky. Instead, looking expensive is about the classy personal style which can be achieved whether you are on a budget or not.

Here are some easy ways to look expensive:

1. Wear Neutrals

Generally speaking, bright colors (with the exception of red) are often difficult to style especially if you’re just starting out and have minimum knowledge of your personal color palette and may end up downgrading your overall look. In nature, bright colors is often associated with the color of poison and usually don’t give the best impression (and yes, this will apply on your hair as well).

Neutrals on the other hand, will be your best friend if you want to look expensive. It does not steal away the focus from you, instead it will enhance your personality. Everyone has their own preferred neutral, you can work with black for that classy edge or white or soft pink for that sweet feminine look, or browns or grey for an effortless class.

2. No Large Patterns

We have nothing against beautiful patterns in clothes, but when your pattern distracts people from your face, then it’s no longer classy. Always stick with the no pattern or small pattern look if you want to look elegant.

3. Accessorize

The right accessory can completely elevate your look. While it doesn’t have to be a 4000$ bag or a 900$ shoes, you want to make sure that your accessory match the rest of your outfit. Jewelry is also useful, yet you do not want to over accessorize. A minimal statement piece would be the easiest way to go. However, if you’re more of a flamboyant soul, you can also rock a statement piece as long as it’s not overdone. If you decide to go bold on the necklace, keep everything else simple. You can have either wear gold or silver, whatever compliments your undertone, wear it.

4. Dress Modestly

Okay, we know what you may be thinking? Seriously? Yes, we are serious. And no, you do not have to cover your body completely from head to toe or dress too conservatively, but you want to make sure that your outfit still leave something to the imagination, you do not want to reveal too much skin, because it may give people the wrong impression of you. Here’s a tip: your outfit should be tight enough for a woman, but loose enough so people will see there’s a lady in there as well.

5. Pay attention to details

Details do matter. Be selective about the type of fabric or material you wear. You want to make sure they look polished and clean. Before you go out, make sure your hair is styled, your nail is well trimmed and polished (avoid those cracked / chipped nails) and check your makeup throughout the day. You want to make sure that you pay attention to the little things, they make all the difference.


Looking expensive is easy but the most important thing is you’re comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Though looking more elegant and put together is always the way to go.

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