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10 Makeup Tips We Love

Thanks to the internet we now have access to a lot of beauty and makeup advice both from beauty influencers and from professional makeup artists. Though we have to say, some of these advice are better than the others. Today we would share some makeup tips we love and actually work really well to create a flawless makeup look.

1. Powder Before Foundation

Powder before foundation may seem counter intuitive, however for oil putting powder before foundation is actually really effective as it would absorb the oil throughout the day and create a protective layer between the skin and the foundation, giving a smooth matte look on the skin.

2. Contour Before Foundation

Another counter intuitive technique you may be afraid to try. But contouring before applying your foundation could create a nice natural shading underneath the skin after the foundation is applied, giving it a natural appearance. Make sure you are using cream contour for this technique for better result.

3. Using Fingers to Blend Concealer

This is probably one of the oldest makeup advice out there, but it still works. Applying concealer and blending it with your finger is a really great technique because the warmth of your skin would melt down the product when blending, giving a more natural, smooth finish on the skin.

4. Minimal Color Correcting

A mistake a lot of women make nowadays is applying heavy color correcting on their face. Truth is, unless you have really bad hyper pigmentation, dark circles, or acne on the skin, you don’t really need color correcting. If you still want to color correct, you can just use a little amount of it (make sure it’s the right color correcting shade for your skin tone) and apply foundation like usual.

5. Using The Right Tools

Using the right tools is crucial. There is a reason why some people invest in more expensive brushes and makeup tools, because the quality of your tools would have a direct impact on how your makeup turns out.

Some people still don’t know how to use the right tools to apply some products or they use the right tools with the wrong techniques. We might have a dedicated post in the future on makeup tools, when it’s out, you will be the first to know!

6. Contour Based on Your Face Shape

Contouring based on your face shape is crucial. Some people still contour their face by following other people who have different facial structure with them and wonder why it does not look good on them.

Everyone has different facial structure and shapes, what work on other people may not work on you. We would recommend you to learn about your face shape and contour accordingly.

7. Cream Products for Natural Finish

Cream products may not be everyone’s first choice in makeup but we would suggest you to try them. Unlike powder, cream products would give you a more natural finish on the skin.

Especially when you don’t have a lot of time to do your makeup, applying cream products is the fastest way to get an instant look.

The best news is, often you would only need your fingers to apply and blend them. They are so easy and convenient, perfect to create an elegant look.  you should start loving them in no time.

8. Blush on The Cheekbone

Yes, this is not the most popular way of applying blush, but having blush placed on your cheekbone would give you an instant face lift. Blush on the apple of your cheek would make your face appear more round, which may be great for people with square face shape, but for those with round, oval, or heart face shape, it’s a no go as it would make your cheek appear fuller.

Therefore, if you want the appearance of a slimmer face, beside contour, you can apply blush on your cheekbone, followed by a bit of highlighter, and you’ll look stunning for the rest of the day.

9. Lining The Whole Lips

This is not essential, but we find that lining the whole lips instead of just the edges would make the lip color last so much longer. This is especially true with darker colors such as red or deep berry. It would help to prevent that awkward chipping on the inner lips after a greasy meal or a glass of wine which does not look flattering at all.

If you are going with nude lips, you can get away with lining just the edges, but with darker lips, we suggest lining the whole lips to add extra strength to your lip color.

10. Gloss on The Center of the Lips

Another makeup tips we love is applying gloss on the center of the lips. Glossy lips would look really beautiful on most people especially after we are over the whole matte lips trend, but some people apply too much gloss it ends up creating a weird wet look on the lips which is not flattering.

The key to that juicy plump lips is to apply just a bit of gloss on the center of the lips and leave the edges as it is. It would create a fuller appearance without the slick wet effect.


Those were some makeup tips we love. Tell us, what other makeup advices you have tried and loved? Let us know in the comment section below!

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