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9 Signs a Man is Serious About You

The current dating field can be challenging for us women sometimes. With all the crazy feminist propaganda that has brainwashed both men and women alike to a toxic pattern of relationship. Finding a man who’s serious and committed can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. High caliber men and gentlemen still exist. Now, while you are looking, we are here to share with you some signs a man is serious about you. It will help you filter out the glitter from the gold and end up with a high value, provider man.

1. He Introduces You to His Family and Friends

The first and most obvious sign that a man is serious about you is he will introduce you to his family and friends. Men are proud creatures. When they have a woman he loves by his side, he wants to make sure everyone knows of their relationship, including his family and friends. He is not afraid to let others know that you are his and he is yours. It will make the process of moving to the next stage easier.

On the other hand, a man who’s just toying with you will have a dozen of excuses to prevent you from meeting the family and friends.

Remember, you want to eventually be the wife, not the mistress or girlfriend.

2. He Provides for You

A man who truly loves you will want to see you happy and fulfilled. He will do whatever it takes to make sure all of your needs are provided for.

When a man is serious about you, he will provide for you both physically and mentally. He will shower you with lots of affection, gifts and acts of service.

Men are hunters and they are naturally wired to impress the women in their lives. Back then it was the meat and skin of animals. These days, it can be done in so many different ways, starting from monthly allowance, gifts, or he could be paying for your debt or education. Some will even buy you a house or apartment. If a man is not serious about you, he wouldn’t make all these investments.

However, beware of the wealthy player. They can seem generous at first as well and may seem like they are into you, but they are doing it simply because they have the money and it’s the perfect tool to lure you.

Make sure you are checking his personality as well and ensure he is not the casanova type.

3. He Plans His Future with You

When a man is serious about you, you will automatically be included in his future plan. He will start discussing the important things such as settling in together, buying a house, marriage, children and more. All these are done together with you in it.

4. He is Protective of You

When a man is serious, he will be more protective of you. He will not allow anyone to disrespect or hurt you. He will be more defensive when it comes to your well-being and will do what he can to keep you safe at all time.

5. He is Transparent Toward You

A man knows that there is more to life than just love. If he’s serious about you, he will be transparent to you about his background, values, hopes and expectations. He will not lie or hide anything especially if it’s important. You can ask him any questions about himself and he won’t feel offended by it. He becomes deep with you and want you to trust him.

6. He is Committed to You

Commitment is one of the most important value in a relationship. He will want to make your relationship exclusive and commit entirely to it. He will not seek the attention of other females or try to make you feel like you have to constantly try to get his attention. Men don’t take long to know if he wants you.

He is not hesitant to propose to you within two years of dating. Don’t waste years on the same man without getting the ring. Chances are, he will get too comfortable and avoid the ring altogether. Make sure you get clear signs of commitment from him to know he is actually serious about you.

7. He Has His Life Together

A man is more likely to be serious with you if he has his life together.

When a man has his life together, he doesn’t need to worry about the basic survival and can move on to building a family.

Having his life together will also give him more confidence to pursue you, thus enabling him to show his affection even more.

8. He Respects You

Respect is something that should be mutual in a healthy relationship. If your man respects you and he respect your boundaries, he is serious about you. Most men who just want to play around won’t really consider the woman’s boundaries and well-being. If he cares about you, he will make you feel heard, respected and understood. You won’t have to feel stressed with him because he makes sure your emotional needs are taken care of.

9. He Marries You

Last but not least, a man who truly loves and adore you will marry you. It doesn’t matter what the western feminism say. Marriage is still an indicator of how serious a man is in a relationship.

A man who wants you will want to marry you and give you a proper wedding as a proof of his love. So make sure you get the ring and wedding in the end, ladies.


Those were some signs a man is serious about you. Don’t worry too much about your significant others. You are a high value woman and as long as you treat yourself well, a man who truly cherish and adore you will eventually come. When he does, make sure he’s serious about it.

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