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12 Ways to Pamper Yourself At Home

 If there is something we have learnt in the past two years is the fact that you can pamper yourself at home. These days, you no longer have to go somewhere to get yourself pampered. Everything can be done at the comfort of your own home. Not only will you save some money in the long term, you will also gain a new pampering skill which is extremely useful. These tips are also great if you want to find more ways to romanticize your life.  Now, here are 12 ways to pamper yourself at home;

1. Invest in Quality Bath Products

You may not notice it but the bath products you are using can really make or break your experience. You need quality products that will cater to your need.

We suggest you pay close attention to the shampoo, conditioner and soap / body wash you are using. Avoid mainstream drugstore products as they are often filled with harsh chemicals that are bad for your hair and skin (and they often contain high concentration of cheap smelling fragrance which is a huge turn off).

Instead, opt for a more natural or higher end options with milder scents and better ingredients.

2. Enhance Your Skincare Routine

You don’t need to do ten steps skincare routine. Cleansing, toning, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen (plus eye cream) is really all you need. The key is to pay attention to the quality of the skincare you are using.

Look for skincare with active ingredients catered to your skin needs and condition. Take at least fifteen minutes in the morning and evening to do your skincare and before you realize it, you are already pampering yourself.

3. Do Your Hair

We know by now you understand the importance of investing in good haircare products. Now, the next step is to do your hair daily. We recommend you to avoid using too much heat as they may damage your hair but there are a lot of heat free hairstyle you can try and will make you look absolutely gorgeous.

4. Take A Bubble Bath

If you are lucky enough to have a bath. Make the most out of it. Take a bubble bath at least once a week. Add some bath salts or bomb inside and use this time to relax and unwind. You can also get a bath tray and read a book or drink wine while taking your bath for the ultimate spa experience.

5. Dry Brushing

This practice is really affordable and can do wonder for your skin and health. Dry brushing is an art of physical exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells on your skin. Always brush gently toward your heart and you will feel so much better afterward.

6. Get A Facial Steamer

If you like to take your skincare game to the next level, get yourself a facial steamer. It’s a wonderful way to prepare your skin and gently open up the pores. Facial steaming allows the products you are using absorb better to the skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated afterward.

7. Facial Roller & Gua Sha

These days, facial rollers and gua sha are becoming more popular and it’s for a good reason. There are plenty of beauty benefits of facial roller and gua sha. Just put it in the fridge to cool it before usage in the morning and evening. It’s great to de-puff the skin and help your skincare to absorb better.

8. Read a Book and Drink Tea

One of the ways to pamper yourself at home is simply by reading a book accompanied by a cup of tea. This one is a classic and it’s for a good reason. Reading a book enrich your mind and help you to relax. When paired with your favorite tea, it feels like heaven on earth. If you can, get a pretty tea set as well to accompany your little tea time and make the most out of this experience.

9. Light Up Scented Candles

Next, you want to light up some scented candles in the room. Depending on the scent you choose, it can also improve your mood and elevate your space.

Our personal recommendation for your home are woody and floral scents. They give off a more luxurious vibe compared to mainstream citrus scents and add some depth into your home. Look for scents with sandalwood, oud, rose or white florals in them for that niche home experience.

10. Put on Calming / Spa Music

Of course, we need to pamper all of our senses. Music is an amazing way to boost our mood and put us in a relaxed mood. There are plenty of playlist available on the internet you can choose.

11. Get A Massage Device

Don’t have anyone to give you a massage? Just invest in a quality massage device. If you want to really make the splurge you can get a massage chair. However, if you don’t want to, there are plenty of mini massage devices you can try on and play with.

12. Manicure and Padicure

Last but not least, give yourself a nice manicure and pedicure. Learn how to do your own nails at home and get a manicure set and a few nail polish options. Once you learn how to do your own nails, you will be able to save so much money on it which is always a bonus.


Those were some great ways to pamper yourself at home. Now, treat yourself to these routine because you deserve it.

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