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How to Wear Perfumes Properly

We all know that perfume is a must have for every elegant lady. However, some ladies are still wondering how exactly are you supposed to wear perfume. Some people say you wear them on your skin, some say you should apply them on your clothes, while some suggest you spray them in the air and walk through them, some other suggest you spraying your hairbrush and run it through your hair. So which one is right? How do you wear perfumes properly?

Where to Apply

First of all, we need to acknowledge that there are more than one types of perfumes, and there are all sorts of perfume formulations. The way you wear each type would differ according to their formulation.

For example, with perfume oil, you obviously would not apply them on your clothes, you want to apply them on your pulse point, the back of your ear, your wrist, the inner part of your knee, and your collarbone if you’re feeling extra.

With your typical spray bottle, our preferred method is to apply them directly on our clothes, especially around the collarbone area, or the chest area if the clothes is a bit more low cut. The reason for this is because the molecules on the perfume would stick better to your fabric in comparison to your skin, allowing it to last longer.

Another benefit of applying it on the clothes instead of the skin is to avoid any sort of irritation. Some people have skin sensitivity to fragrance, which is why spraying perfume on the clothes is the best option in our opinion.

If you do plan on spraying it on your skin, just apply on the pulse point. With niche perfume that is much stronger, apply it on the collarbone and the back of your neck and you are set.

With lighter perfume, apply them on the wrist, the back of the neck, the collarbone, and the back of the knee.

Where NOT to Apply

Never apply perfume on sensitive areas of your body, which include the face, especially around the eye, the armpit area, which could cause some irritation, burning and itching.

Another area which you should never apply perfume at is on your underwear area. Some women surprisingly do this, if you are guilty of this, you should stop doing it as it would cause potential dryness and irritation over the extended period of time.

Some Things to Pay Attention To

1. Staining:

Some perfumes may contain natural ingredients that could stain your lighter colored clothes, if your perfume juice is dark and potent, chances are it would definitely stain your lighter clothes. With these perfumes, apply them directly on the skin or on your dark colored clothes.

2. Air and Hairbrush Method:

We believe this method does work to a certain degree. Spraying perfume on the air and walking through it can help to distribute the scent around your body. On the other side, the hairbrush method can work, but we do not really recommend it because it’s not practical on a long term basis. Instead, some company have created hair mist in case you want to use the hair method. These hair mist usually do not contain the same amount of alcohol in perfume that could dry out your hair.

3. Perfume Mistakes

We have made an entire dedicated post on common perfume mistakes you should avoid. But generally, you don’t want to rub your hands together after spraying perfume as it would break the molecules and shorten the lifespan. You also want to store your perfume in dark and dry place. Make sure you always have the perfume cap on to prevent oxygen from entering the bottle and shortening the life of the perfume.

How Many Sprays to Wear:

The amount of spray you are using could highly depend on the perfume you are wearing. With some perfumes you can get away with over spraying, maybe four or five sprays would be ideal. With some stronger perfumes, however, like most niche perfumes on the market, you may only want to apply three to four sprays maximum.

Otherwise, they might be too overpowering and start to offend other people. Find out the potency of your fragrance to determine how many sprays you’re supposed to use.

Perfume is a very complex art on itself and there are many more topics to discuss around it and we would make more posts on perfumes in the future. Hopefully this one helps you to understand how you can wear perfume properly and make the most of your perfumes.

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