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How to Find Your Signature Scent

The perfume you wear can have quite an impact on others’ perspective of you, while we believe everyone should be able to wear anything they want, we also believe that finding your signature scent could be useful in partially shaping how you want others to perceive you. While signature scent could change along with the season, age and shift in preferences, the tips we would give you today should still be applicable even when your taste in perfume has changed. Here are some ways on how to find your signature scent that will help you choose the perfect scent.

1. Identify Your Personality

We have always believed that your scent should be a reflection of your personality, so before you go and purchase a perfume, you should identify your own personality, what kind of person are you? Are you a sophisticated, high class, feminine woman? Or are you more career oriented, bold and independent?

We believe that your fragrance choices should follow your personality, though it is not a must, it adds a nice personalized touch and will make wearing the perfume much easier.

2. Your Ideal Scent Profile

After you have identified your own personality, we would go to what scent profile you like. Some of you may love light florals, some may prefer something sweet and gourmand while others may prefer a woody or oriental scents.

There are several categories of scent profiles, the most common ones are florals, fruity, fresh, green, woody, oriental, gourmand and chypre. Of course there are sub categories from what we’ve mentioned. At this point, you should have a general idea of what your ideal scent profile would be. Most of the time, you would naturally know it, if not, the next point may help you.

3. Test Before Committing

In order to find your signature scent, obviously you will need to test out some fragrances in the beginning to see what sort of scent profiles you like and perhaps even discover your signature after only a few attempt.

If not, don’t worry. A smart way to test out a lot of scents without having to purchase full bottles is by getting samples or in some cases decants. Sometimes you can get free samples in a department store that carries perfumes, if not, you can buy decant of the perfumes.

Buying perfume decant is buying a small amount or a share of the full bottle perfume, and they usually come in five or ten ml travel size bottles.

You can get perfume decants from authorized site like Scentbird or your local online perfume stores. This way you are avoiding blind buy and regret purchases on your way of discovering your signature scents.

Have you personally found your signature scent, ladies? If so, what are you signature scents?

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