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First Date Safety Tips

First date can be an amazing, awful or scary experience depending on the person. However, as ladies, there are some safety concern we need to keep in mind when meeting someone for the first time. Here are a few safety tips you need to follow before and during a first date with someone.

1. Use Google Number / Other Phone Numbers

This tip is crucial when meeting someone you know online. When getting to know them, make sure you are using a different phone number than your personal or work number. This way, if he turns out to be a creep later, you don’t need to worry about him tracking down your number.

2. Video Call Before Meeting

Before meeting someone for the first time, make sure that the two of you have done video call at least once. It helps to prevent catfishing and reassure you this person actually exist. While video call cannot replace how someone would act and speak in real life, it will give you an idea of how this person will be when you two meet.

3. Google Your Date

If you know your date full name, make sure you google them first. See if there are any Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook profile that you can stalk. Looking at their social media will give you some idea of what he is like. Again, while it can never reveal who someone is in person, you will get an image of who this person could be before meeting them in person.

4. Don’t Reveal Your Full Name

This may sound hypocritical compared to the previous point. However, if you do not truly trust this person, do not reveal your full name. You don’t know what they will do with this information, they may google you and find access to all of your social media. That’s why you should only reveal your full name after you have gone on several dates and you fully trust this person.

5. Inform Your Friend / Family About Your Location

After your date location is set, make sure that you inform at least one friend or family member about your location. We don’t want to expect the worst, but if something happens, they will know where you are and come for you.

6. Have Your Own Ride There

During the first date, make sure that you go to the date location by yourself and go home alone. This way, he won’t be able to take you back to his place or know your home location. You don’t want both things to happen when you are meeting someone for the first time. You don’t know this person, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

7. Meet at Public Places

This should be a no brainer. When meeting someone for the first time, make sure that you are meeting at a public place where there are a lot of people around. Meet during daytime if you can. If you’re meeting in the evening, choose a dining place or a mall. Somewhere monitored to ensure your safety.

8. Never Leave Your Drink Unattended

When you are meeting a man at a restaurant, lounge or bar. Never, ever leave your drink unattended. You never know what his intention is. If you went to the bathroom, ask for a new drink upon returning. Also, make sure that you watch the server handing the drink over to you and not him. We want to avoid any dating horror stories from happening to you.

9. Leave When You Feel Uncomfortable

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to leave when you start feeling uncomfortable. Our gut instinct can immediately tell when something isn’t right. So, if you meet him and feels incredibly uncomfortable and feel like he radiates negative vibe, don’t hesitate to end the date early and leave.

Those were some first date safety tips you need to follow. Remember, be safe while dating and have fun.

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