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Elegant Summer Fashion Tips

Summer is one of the best time of the year to dress up and look elegant. This is also one of the best time to go out and meet people at the park, the beach, or summer gatherings. While summer is also the time to be more comfortable and free, you still want to look feminine and put together. These are a few elegant summer fashion tips you can follow to stand out during the hot months.

1. Wear White (or light colors)

Summer is the perfect excuse to start wearing white. Whether you decide to settle with white blouse or white dresses, you can pull out your white outfit and even create a monochromatic white look. Now, if you are not the biggest fan of wearing white because you are scared of staining them, which is especially true in term of white pants or dresses, you can stick to other lighter more neutral shades like baby blue, cream, nude or soft pink which will still give you the summer vibe.

2. Flowy Dresses

Summer is also the perfect time to wear flowy dresses. Something that is elegant and flowy is perfect for going on a summer picnic or a summer party. On the modern side, they are also quite picturesque and makes the perfect ootd choice. Just make sure your flowy dress compliments your body shape and you will be looking like a summer queen in no time.

3. Bows, Laces and Ruffle

Little details like bows, laces and ruffle are perfect to be worn on summer. Dresses, tops and skirts who have bows, laces, and ruffle could make you look more feminine and elegant. Just make sure the bows are not to big, the lace is soft and the ruffle is not out of place in comparison with the rest of your outfit.

4. Bathing Suits & Monokini

To appear more elegant, you may want to ditch your skimpy bikini and opt for something more modest like bathing suits and monokini instead. There are various patterns and shapes that will enhance your features while covering you up at the same time, so you don’t reveal too much and get horrible tan lines everywhere.


1. Elegant Summer Sandals / Flats

Another excuse to love summer is you get to wear flats and sandals which are much easier to wear and more comfortable on the feet. But of course we all know by now that not all sandals and flats are created equal, a good example of elegant flat to be worn in summer is something like Chanel ballerina flat shoes. Of course you don’t have to buy that particular piece, there are many similar items out there on the market with similar styles you can choose. Something like Hermes sandal is a good choice for summer sandals. Again, you don’t have to choose that specific one, but you already have an idea by now of what you should look for.

2. Nude or Cream Mini Heels

You can safely ditch the high heels during summertime. The last thing you want is to walk in uncomfortable high heels under summer’s heat. We would suggest you sticking with mini or medium sized heels for maximum comfort and impact. Of course, like usual we prefer to stick with nude or light colored heels for the summer.

3. Wedges and Ribbon Shoes

Wedges is perfect for summer because they give a lot of support and match summer dresses really well. Ribbon or ballerina type shoes is also perfect because they look really feminine, elegant and if you have long legs, they will compliment the look even more.


1. Time for Bamboo / Wooden Bags

We believe spring and summer is the best time to pull out your wooden or bamboo bags. They will add a nice natural touch to your outfit and they go with most neutral shades. They are usually much more sturdy than a leather bag so if you do carry them on a picnic or to the beach where there would be a lot of activities, you don’t have to worry too much about scratching or damaging them. It’s good to have at least one of these in your collection for the summertime. A large tote bag made out of bamboo is also a good option.

2. Nude or Cream Bags

Nude or cream bags are perfect for summertime because they will match your light colored outfits. We know some women are scared of buying or trying light colored bags because they might get dirty but as long as you are careful with them, you should have no problem. If you know light colored bags are not your style, it is still a good choice to have at least one in your collection for summertime, it does not have to be a designer, having a nice nude bag from high street brands that looks elegant can still compliment your look.


1. Wear the hat

A good hat would definitely complete your summer look, there are many hats to choose for but we would suggest sticking to a classic style hats like a sun hat, panama hat or a straw hat. Since everyone’s head size and style is different, you just have to try out the hats in person and figure out which one works the best on you. They also protect your hair from sun damage, which is always a bonus.

2. Sunglasses

A summer look is never complete without the right sunglasses, there are many different styles of sunglasses available on the market, you just have to find one that compliments your facial shape the best. The best colors would be brown, purple and blue, but you can also use the classic black.

Those were some elegant summer fashion tips that will make you appear more feminine and put together in summer. Get rid of the jean shorts and the t-shirt. You deserve better than that. Don’t forget to wear your SPF and stay safe under the sun.


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